Sherr’s Going-to-the-Theatre Tips

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m baaaack! ┬áCheck it out!

Sherr’s Going-to-the-Theatre tips: Do you want to feel tall and young? Go to the Theatre! Whether you’re into Classical (or contemporary Classical) music, live theatre like plays or musicals, you’ll find that it’s the opposite ends of the spectrum of experience who attend. That said, there are many who feel that the lines to get into the audience area do not apply to them. News bulletin: those lines DO apply to you!
-If an elder person in front of you drops a scarf, offer to help them retrieve it.
-Be aware of your surroundings – when you back up quickly, you could knock someone over
-When in queue for the rest room, be mindful and aware
-When washing up afterward, get your paper towels first – that’s usually the bottleneck in the queue to leave
-Wipe around the sink before you discard the paper towel – not everyone was raised as you (to clean up after themselves)
-Remember to hold the door (if needed) so others with clean hands don’t need to touch that (surely contaminated) handle
Most of all, unwrap the candies first, turn off your (bleepin’!) phone and enjoy the show!

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